RUBY lives in London with her mum. Together they have survived the terrifying London Blitz and now they are waiting for Dad to come home from the war. Ruby was evacuated from London, but she missed Mum too much and was allowed to come home to be with her. Ruby has two friends, Len and Jimmy, and loves going on adventures with them exploring the ruins nearby.

MUM refused to leave London during the Blitz, and night after night, listened to the wailing sirens and watched the searchlights sweeping the sky. Mum misses Dad terribly, but looks forward to the day when she gets to take Ruby to the crowded station to meet him.

DAD is a soldier who has served in the war. When he gets off the train he is carrying his heavy kit bag and is wearing his army uniform. Ruby does not recognize Dad straight away, but Dad is delighted to see her again, and it’s not long before he settles back into family life in London.

JIMMY has a dad who is a sailor and returned from the war on an extended leave. Jimmy loves nothing more than having adventures in the ruins nearby, but when Ruby accidentally falls while playing, he quickly runs home to find help.

LEN is Ruby and Jimmy’s friend and also loves climbing and playing in the ruins nearby. He has no idea how dangerous it is! Len’s Dad was one of the first to return home from the war, and the entire street turned out to greet him!