About Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes has illustrated more than 200 children's books and is one of the best loved writers for children. She grew up in West Kirby, near Liverpool, and studied at Liverpool Art School before attending the Ruskin School of Fine Art in Oxford. Shirley has won the Kate Greenaway Medal twice and has been awarded an OBE for her distinguished service to children's literature. In 2007, Dogger was voted the UK's favourite Kate Greenaway Medal-winning book of all time.

"Opening a new book by Shirley Hughes is like putting on pyjamas and slippers after wearing a suit and heels all day." The Times

Enjoy other books by Shirley Hughes:

Daisy Saves the Day

When young Daisy Dobbs starts as a scullery maid in a grand house, she works as hard as she can to try and please her kindly employers. But her greatest day comes when disaster strikes, and only Daisy can save the day. This charming picture book by the much-loved and award-winning Shirley Hughes contains evocative scenes of London during the coronation of George V. 

Find out more at www.daisysavestheday.co.uk

For readers aged 5+

Out and About: A First Book of Poems

In this wonderful collection of poems, Katie and her little brother Olly romp through the changing seasons, taking pleasure in the different elements and weather conditions – sunshine, wind, rain, mist, snow… From the joys of the seaside to the miseries of the sickbed, this exuberant volume captures to perfection the world of childhood.

For readers aged 5+

Let’s Join In: A First Book of Bedtime Stories

This charming collection of four classic stories by much-loved illustrator Shirley Hughes, is perfect for sharing at the end of a busy day. Chatting with friends or talking on the phone, hiding in the house or the garden, bouncing on the sofa or on Grandpa's knee, giving a present or a kiss: there are so many things you can join in with during the day!

For readers aged 5+

The Christmas Eve Ghost

When Bronwen and Dylan are frightened by ghostly noises from the chimney on Christmas Eve, they run straight into the arms of their neighbour, Mrs O'Riley. 1930s Liverpool is brought to life with evocative drawings in a story that recognizes the richness of human kindness, even in times of hardship and poverty.

For readers aged 5+

Hero on a Bicycle

In extraordinary circumstances people are capable of extraordinary things... It is 1944 and Florence is occupied by Nazi forces. The Italian resistance movement has not given up hope, though – and neither have Paolo and his sister, Constanza. Both are desperate to fight the occupation, but what can two siblings do against a whole army with only a bicycle to help them?

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